Biochemistry & Biophysics

 This concentration is not available to students also pursuing a Biochemistry concentration within the Chemistry major.

The following courses are required in order to receive a Degree in the Program in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Biochemistry and Biophysics:

  • Bioinformatics: Sequence and Structure Analysis (BIOL_SCI 323) Use of informational and modeling techniques to explore evolutionary and other problems related to the genome.
  • Protein Structure and Function (BIOL_SCI 361) Protein interaction with small molecules; x-ray crystallography and NMR

In Addition, the student must complete one of the courses listed below:

  • Physical Biochemistry (BIOL_SCI 321) or Biophysics (BIOL_SCI 363) Protein interaction with small molecules; protein tertiary structure determination.

Through these courses, students will gain a detailed understanding of the chemical and physical nature of biological compounds and macromolecules, and how these compounds are formed, interconverted, changed and degraded in the chemical processes that govern life.