Genetics & Genomics

 The following courses are required in order to receive a Degree in the Program in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Genetics and Genomics:

  • Advanced Molecular Biology (BIOL_SCI 390) Nucleic acid structure; DNA mutation, repair, recombination, replication, restriction, and modification; translation. Prerequisites: BIOL_SCI 215, BIOL_SCI 217, BIOL_SCI 219, and BIOL_SCI 308
  • In addition to BIOL_SCI 390 students are required to take two additional classes from the list below:
    • Functional Genomics (BIOL_SCI 378) Patterns of gene expression and their causes. Prerequisites: BIOL_SCI 215, BIOL_SCI 219; a course in statistics
    • Genetic Analysis (BIOL_SCI 393) Advanced transmission and regulatory genetics. Prerequisites: BIOL_SCI 215, BIOL_SCI 217, BIOL_SCI 219, and BIOL_SCI 308
    • Developmental Genetics Laboratory (BIOL_SCI 392) Development of independent projects alongside classic readings and experiments exploring key concepts in developmental biology. Prerequisites: BIOL_SCI 215, BIOL_SCI 217, BIOL_SCI 219, BIOL-SCI 222, and BIOL_SCI 308
    • Molecular Genetics (BIOL_SCI 395) Exploration of recent advances that have revolutionized the fields of gene expression and cell regulation. Discussion of articles and primary research papers. Prerequisites: BIOL_SCI 378, BIOL_SCI 390, or BIOL_SCI 393

The choice of the course is up to the student, however, one of them must be BIOL_SCI 378 or BIOL_SCI 393. If the student chooses to take both BIOL_SCI 378 and BIOL_SCI 393, this would fulfill the requirement for the concentration as well.

Through these courses, students will gain a detailed understanding of how cells encode, express, and pass on genetic information.

These classes use primary research sources to cover such cutting-edge topics as epigenetics (chromatin modification and its consequences), non-coding RNA (RNAi and micro RNAs), and application of molecular biology in biomedical research.