Plant Biology

The following courses are required in order to receive a Degree in the Program in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Plant Biology:

  • Plant Biology (BIOL_SCI 330) Plant structure, physiology, photosynthesis, evolutionary diversity, and ecology. Prerequisites: BIOL_SCI 215,and BIOL_SCI 219
  • Plant Community Ecology (BIOL-SCI 349) Abundance, distributions, diversity, and scaling in plant communities in space-time. Prerequisite: BIOL_SCI 330
  • One of:
    • Spring Flora (BIOL_SCI 336) Life cycles, vegetative and reproductive structures, and adaptations for pollinations and fruit and seed dispersal of the wildflowers, trees, and shrubs of oak woodland. Prerequisites: BIOL_SCI 215 or ENVR SCI 202
    • Critical Topics in Ecology and Conservation (BIOL_SCI 339) Seminar discussing historical and modern publications in the field. Prerequisites: BIOL_SCI 215 or ENVR SCI 202
    • Field Ecology (BIOL_SCI 346) An intensive experience in field ecological research. Prerequisites: BIOL_SCI 215; a course in statistics
    • Plant Evolution and Diversity Laboratory (BIOL_SCI 350) Introduction to the diversity and evolutionary history of land plants. Prerequisite: BIOL_SCI 330

Through these courses, students will gain a detailed understanding of the plant and soil community that is both the foundation of all terrestrial ecosystems, and the source of food, shelter and air for all animals, including humans. 

This concentration involves collaboration with scientists from the Chicago Botanic Garden.