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Recent Honors Recipients

The Program in Biological Sciences confers Honors to a select set of graduating seniors, based partly on grades within the major, but more particularly on the quality of research and writing evidenced in formal Senior Theses.

2018 Program Honors in Biological Sciences


Matthew Lam

Characterization of the Ras/Rap 1-Specific Endopeptidase Binding Site

Research Supervisor: Dr. Karla Satchell     Satchell Lab


Elina Kim

Nuclear Pore-Dependent Transcritional Memory and Transcriptional Activation in Budding Yeast

Research Supervisor: Dr. Jason Brickner     Brickner Lab


Kotaro Tsutsumi

Activity of R-SNARE Protine Ykt6 in Parkinson's Disease Cell Model

Research Supervisor: Dr. Joseph Mazzuli      Mazzuli Lab


Ton Doan

Regulation of Lung Eosinophil in Situ Hematopoiesis by Matrix Molecule Tenascin-C

Research Supervisor: Dr. Sergejs Bernikovs    Bernikovs Lab


Joseph Salvo

Dopamine Receptor Drd1 Cannot Identify UBC Subtypes that Express PLCB4 or Calretinin but not mGluR1a

Research Supervisor: Dr. Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy     Kozorovitskiy Lab

Tiffany Zheng

A magnetic nanostructure-functionalized hydrogel-based system for hydrophilic drug delivery

Research Supervisor: Dr. Vinayak Dravid    Dravid Lab

Katelyn Noronha

Dynamic regulation of melanopsin during retinal development

Research Supervisor: Dr. Tiffany Schmidt     Schmidt Lab


Hannah Ryon

Expression, purification, and analysis of the CueR constitutive repressor varient (CueRCR) through Crystallography and NMR

Research Supervisor: Dr. Thomas O'Halloran     O'Halloran Lab


Lauren Watchmaker

Defining the role of the Cbf1 transcription factor in the subnuclear positioning of GAL genes in Saccharomycetes cerevisiae

Research Supervisor: Dr. Jason Brickner     Brickner Lab


Justine Hung

Structural and functional analysis of the ProV nucleotide binding domain in ABC transporters

Research Supervisor: Dr. Heather Pinkett     Pinkett Lab


Nicole Roberto

The role of Rdx and Su(fu) in Hedgehog signaling in Drosophila melanogaster

Research Supervisor: Dr. Robert Holmgren   Holmgren Lab

Selina Deiparine

Investigation of chemoattraction between Caenorhabditis elegans nematodes and the terrestrial isopod Porcellio scaber

Research Supervisor: Dr. Erik Andersen    Andersen Lab



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