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Biology Students Association

The Biology Students Association (BSA) seeks to connect students with a common interest in biological sciences by providing a forum for discussion, bridging the gap between textbook knowledge and real-world science, providing programs to help students involved in research labs at Northwestern, and engaging professors through seminars and mentorship.

BSA hosts social and academic events throughout the academic year, funded by PBS. Free food will be served at the majority of the events.

Events from the past year include:

-Research seminar given by NU professors

Picture of Prof. McCary SeminarDr. Christine McCary delivers seminar: Biology Study Skills and Immunology.

- Research fair for undergrads to find labs

BSA 1st Annual Fair

Students attending research fair sponsored by BSA.

- Grad school panel

- Social events
Picture of Ice Cream Social

BSA hosting an Ice Cream Social.

- Philanthropy events including making cards for residents at Symphony of Evanston and project pumpkin

BSA Project Pumpkin

BSA members creating animal masks with children.

Information about BSA events is distributed through the BSA listserv and the BSA facebook page:

Please email to subscribe to the listserv.

BSA Exec Board:
President: Yilan Wang
Vice President: Shannon He
Treasurer: Kristin Porzak
Secretary: Greg Krzywicki
Seminar Coordinator: Srijit Paul
Tutoring Coordinator: Bijan Moazezi
Social Chair: Alix Har
Outreach Chair: Yiwei Hang
Publicity Chair: Faraz Khan
Journal Review Committee: Emily Zaniker, Maegan Ramchal, Nicholas Chen
PBS Student Advisory Board Representatives: Alix Har and Kotaro Tsutsumi

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