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We in Biological Sciences believe that regular Advising within a Major program is an important aspect of a student's undergraduate experience.

This all starts with Declaring the Major (including Declaration of one of the six Concentrations within it). This can be done by dropping by Hogan Hall room 2-144 and filling out the modest Declaration of Major. After we sign it, the student takes the form to the WCAS Office of Studies located at 1922 Sheridan Rd.

The Major will be considered Declared only if: a Concentration is Declared, the form has our signature on it and the form has been given to the WCAS Offices of Studies.

We encourage you, though, to schedule in advance an appointment with Professor Galbreath ( for an initial advising session at the same time that you fill out the form. This allows you to ask questions about the Major and about future class scheduling.

You will shortly thereafter be assigned a particular adviser within Biological Sciences for the future. We encourage you to meet with your adviser at least annually, and indeed whenever you have questions or uncertainties.

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